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"and when she took the drugs everything didn’t seem as bad
she finally felt a little bit of the peace shes always wanted."

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photographed by Helmut Newton in Saint Tropez, 1975

Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture Fall 2012

"I wish I could dictate my mind to stop thinking. If I didn’t think, I wouldn’t feel; and if I didn’t feel, I wouldn’t be such a bag of a mess. I can’t go a day without feeling psychotic. I’m tired of being ashamed of my thoughts. Like each time I’m the least bit of vulnerable about my feelings, I’m suddenly classified as a pessimistic being. It’s not that I’m constantly expecting the worst out of everything; I’ve just gotten so used to things not going right, I rarely get my hopes up for anything. I’ve learned that high hopes lead to broken dreams… and there are just people in life that are blessed more than others. At the moment, I’m completely unaware of where I stand with life. One week, it’s as if I have it all figured out and am in complete motivation.. But it fades away quickly. I’m tired of being so angry, hurt, & brokenly alone. I just wish I could make my mind stop."

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